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About LCS

Whether you want to enjoy an early morning fishing trip, paddleboard, canoe, kayak or ski, Lake Conway Shores (LCS) subdivision provides you and your family with access to one of our communities greatest assets, our lakes.


Established in 1979, LCS is located in Belle Isle, Florida on the eastern shore of Big Lake Conway.


LCS is made up of 79 homes which, as an HOA member in good standing, have access to Lake Conway by way of our lake lot.  The lake lot is owned and maintained by the LCS HOA. 


As an LCS homeowner, it is our responsibility to protect the sensitive lakeshore area. We must protect water quality through the preservation of natural shoreline areas and beneficial vegetation. We must also help maintain the visual quality of the lake and lake lot for all to enjoy.


We are called to protect property rights, lake use, and lake access through the establishment of reasonable and prudent Lake Lot Rules all of which serve to protect our property values.



Lake Life

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