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New Year!

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For the benefit of all homeowners, here are important issues and rules that everyone needs to know:

    1.  We do not own the land at the water’s edge. Follow the fence line on the west side between the pavilion and the lake, then from the end of the fence, straight to the end of the lot, it shows what we do NOT own.  None of our lake lot touches the water!
    2.  We have a LICENSE to use that property as a walkway to and from the boat ramp.  This is a license, not an easement. There is a very big difference legally between the two.
    3.  We do not have swimming privileges.
    4.  We are not allowed to move sand from the lake to the edge of the water to create a “beach” regardless of the size.
    5.  We are not allowed to remove vegetation from the lake.  There are specific regulations against clearing and/or pruning of trees and undergrowth.
    6.  We are not allowed to put up bouncy houses or any structure on the owner's property.
    7.  We cannot dock our boats at the lake’s edge, except to return the trailer to our home or pick it up upon returning.
    8.  We are not allowed to invite friends to come park their boats at the lake lot, short time or long term.
    9.  The owners of the property have no problem with children fishing from the lake’s edge.
      We do believe the owners are willing to work with us but be VERY aware that potentially, every person that visits has a camera on them to support their claims.
      If YOU care about your property values, about living in Lake Conway Shores, enjoy our privileges at the lake,   watch your neighbors and do not be afraid to tell anyone you see to, STOP,  if they are doing anything against the rules.



Please remember to always lock the lake lot gate behind you.
We have had several reports of truck/trailer parking in the lake lot.  Please do not
park in the lake lot.  Parking in the lake lot makes it difficult for others to launch
their boat.


As the lake water warms up, please
make sure to take precautions against Amoeba.
Please remember to wear nose and earplugs,
to prevent these from entering through
your ear canal and nasal passages.

CDC Information on Naegleria fowleri - Fact Sheet




If you have time to spare and would like to
volunteer to help with the entrance island
landscaping please contact an officer. Please
check your directory for contact information.


Please remember the speed
the limit in Lake Conway Shores
is 25 mph and is strictly
enforced by Belle Isle.



The City of Belle Isle has created an "e-lert" program
to connect our residents with City-related information.  
Receive updates related to City Events, Code Enforcement Updates,
Elderly/Special Needs Registry, Newsletters,
Police Department Updates, Road Closures, and Weather Emergencies.
Sign up here.





School is in session and we have students picked
up at LCS by OCPS buses. One bus picks up a student at their home and the other bus picks up students at the entrance to LCS.  Please talk to drivers in your family about the

Florida School Bus Stop Law

Schedule your next tea party at the
Corner Rose Tea Room
formerly located at the Russell Home for Atypical Children

Now hosted by the Pine Castle Woman's Club
5901 S.  Orange Ave.
Call 407-855-8894 for more information.
Pine Castle Woman's Club


To place an announcement or any "News or Events" please contact us.

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